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I serve my community as a non-denominational wedding officiant.

I have found that I do my best work when viewing the world through a spiritual lens. 

Not of religiosity but from a place of observation. 

My life experience has taught me a great deal about compassion.  

After working in  management for most of my adult life, I decided to  take a leap of faith and open my own business as a store owner. I made many friends and found great joy in assisting others while they chased their own idea of beauty. This put me in a position to listen.

During that time,  I learned that I was blessed beyond measures. As I enrich my life with a deeper understanding of the human experience. 

I trust that my spiritual insight will continue to guide me on this journey. 

Here in Central Oregon, Bend is known as an adventurous destination and resort town.  

I find much inspiration when I venture out in to the great outdoors...  As an extrovert, I find fulfillment in being in the company of others. My journey so far has allowed me to open my arms and heart to people in ways I would have never imagined. 

As a Christian, I come from a place of non-judgement and I diligently respect other beliefs systems. From that position I choose to work in the light and for the greater good of others.

I received my ordainment from the Universal Brotherhood Movement. 

My Bachelor of Divinity was given in recognition of distinguished achievement in


I look forward to serving you.